April 1st is a great timing to come back from Spring Break… It lends itself to an April fool’s day joke.

So, can I fool my 7th graders? I am planning to tell them that Progress Book had a major crash over the week-end and I have lost their test grades. I have prepared a retake that combines our past two tests that we must take ASAP so that I can finish their report cards. To make it more realistic, I am going to give them 5 min to review their notes. The retake looks exactly like the past two tests, except it contains questions they can not answer such as “Did you have a good vacation?” or “Do you know what April’s fools” day is?” I also have an excerpt from the French newspaper Le Monde on  Hydraulic fracturing for them to read.

We will see how quickly they call my bluff. I think it will be easier with my first bell because I am the first teacher they see. We can then launch into a cultural comparison of April fool’s day in the US and France. Click here to see the test Fr1a-C1-quiz-poisson-avril

Finally, you may know that in France, you spend April 1st pasting paper fish in your friends’ backs so in case you want to give it a try, here is a great poisson d’avril to cut out: