Looking for songs?


What to do with songs?

  • Monday:
    • Students log the song in the song log
    • Teacher tells a compelling story:
      • the story of the singer or,
      • the story of the song or,
      • the story portrayed in the video a la Movie Talk or,
      • any story related to the song
    • We watch the video together
    • This can be very brief or take an entire period if there is a compelling story to tell


  • Tuesday-Friday:
    • Students listen to the song and follow along with lyrics in French and English
    • Students do a cloze activity at their own pace
    • This is very brief and becomes part of our daily routine


  • Friday:
    • Teacher goes over cloze activity
    • We sing along! Students who do not wish to sing can read along
    • Students transfer phrases they are interested in keeping into their song log (this allows them to read the song one last time to extract phrases they want to keep)
    • This can take 10-15 minutes depending on whether students want to sing or not


Artists in alphabetical order

Come back to watch this list grow


OLD FORMAT— Artists in alphabetical order

(photo @ Suzanne Schols)