CONFESSION: I don’t like being prescriptive. I completely understand the need to follow a recipe especially when you begin your journey but I hesitate to provide a “one size fit all” recipe. There are so many ways to cook a delicious meal!

— I am talking about language acquisition here 🙂

Yet, so many teachers have been asking “what do I do?” and “how do I keep it interesting?”, that I decided to document my “curriculum” in a way that is shareable.

Next year, I will have to teach Level 1 in one year instead of two (yikes), so I took a stab at what my year 1 will look like, knowing very well that my students will end up driving my ultimate choices. But for now, this is my plan.

I am not saying this is the only way to conduct your year. This is based on my 10-year journey in many different school settings. This is my attempt at balancing what I have learned about language acquisition, what I have seen in my own classrooms, what I am good at, and the feed back I have collected from my students and my peers year after year.


Is this helpful? If not, what would look like help to you?


I will post YEAR 2 and 3 this summer.